Shopping Checklist

This is where you will find everything that you need to complete your MartySub.


Your choice of:

MartyCube by GSG(TM) flat pack ($238 MSRP; $119 w/wholesale pricing)

Mini-Marty by GSG(TM) flat pack ($258 MSRP; $129 w/wholesale pricing)

Full Marty by GSG(TM) flat pack ($278 MSRP; $139 w/wholesale pricing)

Choose the MartyCube (20Hz cabinet tuning) if space is at a premium and you are willing to sacrifice a little bit of performance on the very bottom end.

Choose the Mini-Marty (18Hz cabinet tuning) for best balance of size and performance.

Choose the Full Marty (16Hz cabinet tuning) for the last bit low end output and your space can accommodate a large cab.

GSG Recommendation: Mini-Marty



Your choice of:

Dayton RSS460HO-4 ($299)

Dayton UM18-22 ($325)

Both drivers sound good for music, movies, and gaming

You can’t go wrong with either choice

Choose the Dayton RSS460HO-4 if your system is used for high quality music listening as much as home theater and you are will to give up a little bit of very low end output for a slightly cleaner sound.

Choose the Dayton UM18-22 if your system is used mostly for home theater and gaming and you want the most room shaking possible, with occasional music listening

GSG Recommendation: Toss-up (Depends on usage)



Your choice of:

Behringer NX3000D ($349 MSRP, significant discounts available)

Behringer NX6000D ($549 MSRP, significant discounts available)

Dayton SA1000 ($399, discounts sometimes available)

A single NX3000D can power one MartySub in bridged configuration*

A single NX6000D can power two MartySubs, with one driver being connected to each channel

Both recommended Behringer NX amplifiers end in "D". The "D" is short for Digital Signal Processing, which is another way of saying equalization, timing/distance settings, level balancing, and cross-over functionality is all included.

ATTENTION: Because Behringer NX amplifiers provide so much power, they also generate a considerable amount of heat. To remove this heat from the amp, the amplifiers have fans, which some users find objectionable.

ATTENTION: Behringer NX amplifiers do not come equipped with the “auto-on” feature like most plate amps, so you will either have to manually turn the amp on/off or with an NX3000D you can use a supplemental power strip that has a signal sensing capability (these can be purchased for about $30). Supplemental power strips are NOT recommended for for the NX6000D because it will result in a large "THUMP" when the power is turned off.

The Dayton SA1000 amplifier is the least powerful of the bunch, but it has several advantages going for it. No fans, auto-signal detect (auto-on/off), and, many folks think it is the best looking of the bunch.

* Bridged operation simply means both channels power a single driver. We’ll show you step by step how to set it up. There is nothing to it.

GSG Recommendation: NX6000D*

* Even if you are only buying one cabinet because if/when you choose to get a second cabinet and driver, you won’t have to purchase any additional amplifier.



We have put together PDF files that include assembly instructions as well as everything else that is needed to complete a MartySub such as recommendations for glue, baffle and woofer hardware, the terminal cup, paint, and so forth all by specific part and model number.

Builder Guides and Assembly Instructions



That’s pretty much all there is to it. The most important thing is to just take your time, follow the instructions, and have fun. The cabinet is designed so that it can be assembled by anybody (even folks who have no previous experience building anything).

Building a MartySub by GSG(TM) is a very enjoyable and rewarding process. Of course, the final product is one that we hope will provide you with a sense of satisfaction and ownership pride, as well as TREMENDOUS OUTPUT for many years to come.

If you are at all unsure about any aspect of the project that you are considering, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions because we truly believe that the more you know about this product, the more confidence that you will have that you can do it.