Assemble & Finish Option for Subwoofer Flat Packs

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The price listed is for the Assemble & Finish portion of the purchase ONLY

The flat pack, the driver, and the amplifier must be purchased separately.

ATTENTION (please read carefully):

All finished subs must be shipped via freight.  Single unit Cubes and MBM's have an added charge to reflect that that the flat pack does not include freight shipping.

If shipping to a business address, and/or for orders to Canada, please send an email to for a shipping quote and/or shipping discount coupon.

In your email, please include:
1. The products that you intend to purchase
2. Your full shipping address
3. If it is a business address, does the business have a loading dock or forklift 

Shipping to a business address WITHOUT a loading dock or forklift will typically be $50 lower than residential shipping.

Shipping to a business address WITH a loading dock or forklift will typically be $100 lower than residential shipping. 

With this option, we will Assemble & Finish (A&F) your subwoofer flat pack for you!

Subwoofers are finished with multiple, sprayed-on coats, of premium Duratex!

See images for an example of how the finish looks.

Flat pack subwoofers DO NOT INCLUDE a plate amplifier.  They are available with either a terminal cup or Speakon connection and require a stand-alone amplifier, such as a Behringer NX6000D or an NX3000D. 

Passive subwoofers with a stand-alone amplifier can represent the best bang-for-the-buck.

With Passive subwoofers, setup is a three-step process: 

First, connect your AVR to the stand-alone amplifier . 

Second, connect each passive subwoofer to the amplifier. 

Third, enter the recommended EQ (from the table on the respective flat pack product page) into your DSP or into the amp if it has built-in DSP.  You're done!

If you are new to subs and/or aren't sure what you need, we are more than happy to assist.  Just send an email to and we can walk through what you need.



Complete glue-up of all panels, installation of driver, driver wiring, etc.


Filling and sanding of voids and gaps.
Multiple sprayed on coats of black Duratex premium subwoofer coating.


Terminal cup or Speakon connector