Behind The Screen "BTS" Subwoofers

Shallow-depth Subwoofers in Baltic Birch

    • At only 17" deep, Behind The Screen "BTS" subwoofers are designed where there is a minimum amount of depth behind the screen.


    • BTS subs are side-firing to allow for large ports that will not blow directly on the screen.

    • BTS subwoofers are available as "matched sets" -- the right sub has the port on the right, the left sub has the port on the left.

    • BTS subwoofers can be stacked to form a baffle wall, increasing output of the subwoofers and the speakers significantly.  (Note: When stacked, the subwoofers are stable, but in order to protect children, it is advised to properly secure the subwoofers with safety rigging.)

    • While the "guts" of each BTS sub is configured a little differently, all BTS subs are braced for optimal performance.

    • BTS subs are designed with a triple-layer baffle + driver mounting ring.

    • BTS subs are are tuned to 19Hz +/-, so mixing different sizes is Ok.

    • BTS subs are available (and only available) in Baltic Birch.

    • BTS subwoofers are available in three sizes: 36"H x 40"W, 32"H x 44"W, and 28"H x 48"W.  All cabs are only 17" deep.  By rotating the subs to fire upwards, narrow form factor subs can be created 40"H x 36"W, 44"H x 32"W, and 48"H x 28"W, allowing for big subs in less width behind the screen.

    • BTS subs are available with a 10" riser for those who would like (or need) a front firing option. Using the riser does not change the performance of the subs.

  • Detailed instructions are available here.