Behind The Screen "BTS" Subwoofers

Shallow-depth Subwoofers

Woofer update Aug. 2023: All 18" BTS Series cabs can be modified to accommodate the One Audio 18" woofer. Buyer MUST send an email to indicating the order # and which driver will be used. 

    • At only 17" deep, Behind The Screen "BTS" subwoofers are designed where there is a minimum amount of depth behind the screen.


    • BTS subwoofers are now available as an "upright" ported model. Options include single or dual driver, 18" and 21" (and the big ported 24").

    • BTS subwoofers are also available as "matched sets" -- the right sub has the port on the right, the left sub has the port on the left.

    • BTS subwoofers can be stacked to form a baffle wall, increasing output of the subwoofers and the speakers significantly.  (Note: When stacked, the subwoofers are stable, but in order to protect children, it is strongly advised to properly secure the subwoofers with safety rigging.)

    • While the bracing of each BTS subwoofer is configured a little differently, all BTS subs are braced for optimal performance.

    • BTS subs are are tuned to 16-19Hz +/-, so mixing different sizes is Ok.

    • BTS subwoofers are available in a wide variety of sizes and may be turned 90 degrees.  So long as there is space around the port for good airflow, the direction in which the port is pointed will not impact performance.

    • The 28"H x 48"W BTS sub is available with a 10" riser for those who would like (or need) a front firing option. Using the riser does not change the performance of the subs. However, we now recommend the single "upright" BTS for those who have the space.

  • Detailed instructions are available here.