Roundover MBMs v2.1 18" & 21" Flat Packs

  • MartySubs Roundover Series v2.1 are the same easy-to-assemble flat packs as before, but now include a flat bottom (in place of the U-shaped feet) for folks who want to veneer the entire exterior and/or turn their subs on the side and have a clean finished appearance!  
    (As a result of this improvement to the bottom of the cabinets, the assembly is very slightly different than in the video - but don't worry, we have updated the assembly manual and the cabinets are all the same size and perform the same as the previous models.) 
  • If your system seems to lack that "mid-bass" punch, you may need some MBMs (which is short for "music-bass modules" or "mid-bass modules").
  • The GSG "Roundover Series" MBM's are designed to complement theMarty Sub V2.0 Roundover line-up aesthetically. The Roundover MBM-18 has the same width and depth as the Marty Sub V2.0 line-up as well as the same height as the Roundover Marty Cube.  The 21" MBM is the same size as the 21" Roundover Marty Cube.
  • The Roundover MBM-18 is tuned to 27Hz and works great with a number of pro-audio drivers (Dayton PA460, LaVoce SAF184.03, etc.)
  • The Roundover MBM-21 is tuned to 28Hz and kicks up the output.  It works great with a number of 21" pro-audio drivers.  At this time, we recommend the LaVoce SAN214.50.
  • Roundover flat packs are now available in Baltic Birch!

Additional information on MBMs can be found in the FAQ.