Roundover MartySubs v2.1 15" Flat Packs

  • MartySubs Roundover Series v2.1 are the same easy-to-assemble flat packs as before, but now include a flat bottom (in place of the U-shaped feet) for folks who want to veneer the entire exterior and/or turn their subs on the side and have a clean finished appearance!  
    (As a result of this improvement to the bottom of the cabinets, the assembly is very slightly different than in the video - but don't worry, we have updated the assembly manual and the cabinets are all the same size and perform the same as the previous models.)  
  • All the Performance of MartySubs, now with a truly Professional Appearance!
  • MartySub v2 "Roundover Series" are distinguished from classic MartySubs in that they feature: (i) a fully rounded over baffle (around the perimeter, around the driver, and around the port), (ii) completely new internals for a super precision fit including flush seamlines, and (iii) a supplementary driver mounting ring.
  • In order to ensure a flush fit, the Roundover Series requires quite a bit of additional machining time and somewhat more MDF. This makes them more expensive to manufacture than classic MartySubs and this is reflected in their pricing.
  • With our latest creation, we have endeavored to provide you with a subwoofer cabinet that can rival some of the best commercial subs for appearance; we look forward to seeing how creative you can get!
  • Roundover flat packs are now available in Baltic Birch!



One of our customers, Jiles of the YouTube Channel Home Theater Fanatics, created an amazing step-by-step video of his Roundover MartyCube V2 build experience. He loaded it with the Eminence Tour Grade 18" pro audio woofer and called his build the Annihilator. Thanks again Jiles!! Fantastic work!!




Another of our customers, who goes by 'Tha Villaman', also created an outstanding step-by-btep video of his Roundover MartyCube V2.1 experience. He loaded his cabs with the Dayton RS460 aluminum cone woofer. Thanks Vilaman!! Incredible build and amazing video!!




  • MartySub Roundover Series include a new baffle design--three layers thick!
  • An inner driver mounting ring is attached to the baffle with eight 1/2" dowel pins, providing added rigidity and minimizing (to near zero) the chances of stripping a screw hole while attaching the driver.