Horn Subwoofer Flat Packs

The Devastator

  • The Devastator Horn is a high-efficiency, low-tuned (19Hz) ported horn cab.  What this subwoofer brings is a low-tuning on the bottom end for great home theater AND a very high efficiency in the upper bass for actual kick-in-the-chest mid-bass performance.
  • Most subwoofers that reach for the bottom end for home theater have very low upper bass efficiency.  So while they may 'get loud', they don't have the visceral impact that high efficiency subs can provide.  By way of comparison, a UM18 driver has an efficiency in the upper bass of about 0.5% (one half of one percent), while the Devastator has an efficiency in the upper bass of 25%, which is 50 times greater!
  • Originally designed as a high-output outdoor subwoofer, it turned out that with a port re-design it could work very well as a full range home-theater sub. The design places a horn-like path in front of a 21" driver, which creates the absolutely massive increase in mid-bass efficiency mentioned above. The result is super-clean bass that has an immediacy and impact that is difficult to describe.  It is the kind of sub that when the mid-bass hits, it can be startling and/or make you jump in response.
  • We recognize that this sub is huge and won't work for most folks.  However, for those who have the space and want something very special, we are pleased to bring you...The Devastator!
  • Detailed instructions are available here.
  • Crank your volume up and enjoy the assembly video! Product links are further down the page.

One of our customers, Jiles of the YouTube Channel JDM World, created an amazing step-by-step video of his build experience. Thanks Jiles!! Fantastic work!!