G-SUB (Devastator 15) Finished Subs and Flat Packs

The Ultimate Gaming Subwoofer

  • Fully Finished, Powered G-SUBs Now Available! (Free Shipping on finished subs!)
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  • Machine gun fire, tank blasts and grenade explosions, the exhaust roar from cars and jets...these are the kinds of sounds that game developers spend countless hours trying to get "just right" in order make a completely immersive gaming experience; and most of that action is in the bass. Unfortunately, many folks have subwoofers (or even worse, HTIB subs) that just can't keep up with what the developer intended, with the result being a less-than ideal experience.  

  • The G-SUB was designed to deliver dynamic bass effects in their full-glory as the developer intended.  When you unload a a full clip into the enemy with a G-SUB, each blast will shake you in a way that makes the experience feel realistic - this is something that most traditional subwoofers simply can't achieve - they simply don't have the output capability required. The ability to reproduce full dynamic gaming bass translates into a more realistic gaming experience and just a TON MORE FUN!!

  • The G-SUB is available as a high-efficiency, low-tuned (24Hz) ported horn cab, optimized for gaming, home theater, and music applications.  It was created to bring the same performance as the famous Devastator, but in a smaller package!  And to simplify the purchase experience on finished subs, all finished subs include FREE SHIPPING!

  • G-SUB has a very high efficiency in the upper bass for actual kick-in-the-chest mid-bass performance, very much like the Devastator -- in fact, two G-SUBs have approximately the same output as one Devastator, with the advantage that two units can integrate into a larger number of rooms more easily.  One unit should be enough for most folks, especially in small rooms; however for folks who want the best experience or have larger rooms, we recommend two units (two units can help smooth out the natural peaks and dips that occur in the bass response in rooms, so two units is as much about achieving a higher level of 'quality' than simply having more output - but more output is obviously an advantage of two units).

  • With the G-SUB, there are a couple of tuning options.  For gamers, 24Hz native tuning (20Hz in-room extension is perfect).  For HT folks, if you feel that you are missing mid-bass output with your system, the G-SUB may be the perfect addition.  The high efficiency mid-bass of the G-SUB bring dynamics and explosiveness to HT systems and music systems as well.  HT folks may find the native tuning provides all the bass that you need (24Hz is actually a lower tune than many IMAX theaters run).  If, however, you want to trade a little output for additional extension, the center port can be plugged, which will reduce the tuning to around 21Hz (which will provide approximately 18Hz, or lower, extension in a typical room).  One port stuffed can make integration a little easier if you are already running subs with a low tuning frequency, such as around 20Hz or so.

  • Most subwoofers that reach for the bottom end for home theater have very low upper bass efficiency.  So while they may 'get loud', they don't have the visceral impact that high efficiency subs can provide.  By way of comparison, a UM18 driver has an efficiency in the upper bass of about 0.5% (one half of one percent), while the GSUB has an efficiency in the upper bass of over 20%, which is 40 times greater!  As for output, the GSUB can produce about 118dB on the lower end and upwards of 125dB+ in the upper bass.

  • The design places a horn-like path in front of a 15" driver, which creates the absolutely massive increase in mid-bass efficiency mentioned above. The result is super-clean bass that has an immediacy and impact that is difficult to describe.  It is the kind of sub that when the mid-bass hits, it can be startling and/or make you jump in response.

  • So whether you are running a state-of-the-art gaming rig or simply want to add some amazing bass to your otherwise humble gaming system, we are pleased to bring you...The G-SUB!

  • The G-SUB is built with premium Baltic Birch using the classic "overbuilt" GSG design strategy.  It measures 44" tall, 18" wide, and 21" deep.  It is then finished with Duratex, which gives it a bomb-proof, matte-black, finish.
  • In order to help integrate the G-SUB into a wide range of rooms, we have included custom tuning unique to the G-SUB in the plate amp.

  • G-SUB Custom Tuning with "LF Adjust" - The plate amp includes an "LF Adjust" knob, which will allow you to dial-in the right amount of low-end for your listening conditions.

    If you are in a huge home theater or room (where you will have little or no room gain, turn the dial fully clockwise and you get the full low-end boost (black line in the graph).

    If you are in a medium-sized home theater or room, the dial in the 12 o'clock position will provide just the right amount of boost to work with your room gain in order to achieve a flat response to under 20Hz (blue line).

    If you are in a small home theater or room, and the low end is just too much, turning the dial all the way left will dial back the bottom-end potentially cleaning-up your bass experience (green line).

    Measured results with each setting are shown below (each horizontal line is 1.0 dB).


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