Builders & Their Stories

Full Marty w/ Copper Baffle by Jiles M.

Jiles's story is coming soon

Mini-Marty in Flat Black by Brian S.

Huge shout out to Kevin and John at GSG Audio Design! I’ve been subwoofer shopping for the past year and weighing all my options. DIY has always been something I’ve wanted to try with hearing about their price/performance ratio but was always too nervous with not having wood working skills or tools so it always just fell off the radar.

Then GSGAD came along and changed the game! Believe me when I say, John and Kevin make this as absolutely easy as possible for beginners like me. From the incredibly detailed build instructions, perfectly engineered and cut boxes to assemble to the listing of parts needed for your build. Not to mention the second to none customer service, they are always available to help guide you along, every step of the way. 

Starting the build, a quick dry fit run of the box immediately gave me all the confidence in the world with how simple the build would be. Letting the glue and paint dry is honestly the longest part of the entire process and you could definitely have these built start to finish in a weekend if you had the drive to do so.

So far, I just have one of my two built and running and the performance is astonishing! I expected big things from the large ported 18 inch monster but my movies and games are on a whole new level now! I’ve ran plenty of sub arrangements in the past, dual 10’s, dual 12’s, a 15 and this easily walks circles around anything I’ve ever owned... and that’s just with one running!

If you’ve been on the fence, do yourself a favor and just go for it! For less than it costs to run a single 12-15 inch from some of the big name brands out there, you can have a pair of 18 inch tanks shaking the foundation of your house!

Marty Cubes in Gloss Black and Copper by Phillip R.

Very impressed with GSG flat pack kits. Shipping was quick and packaging was well done. Their quality in these precut panels is outstanding, and makes for a precision and tight fit. The use of numbered panels and easy to understand instructions makes it possible for anyone to build. As for the performance, WOW blew me away! They shovel way low into bass, and it’s truly a house shaking sub! 

Marty Cubes in Charcoal Gray by Mike P.

Mike's story is coming soon...

GSG Prototype - Flat Black w/Copper Baffle

This was one of the first MartySubs that we created. It is finished with a flat black shell, a copper painted baffle, and stainless steel hardware. The driver is a Dayton UM-18.

As folks build their MartySubs, we will be featuring many of them here, so stay tuned!