Builders & Their Stories

Dual Devastators by James S.

[Initial impressions; full review coming soon...]

I built these last weekend (Aug. 10th-11th, 2019). 

I think I could have easily been happy with one, but oh my lord they move so much air!
I've had to add felt pads to nearly everything in the theater room!

When they hit, it is like someone turned on a fan!

Dual Full Marty Subs in White by Jody F.

My journey into DIY home theater began in 2012. I had moved into a house with a huge living room. I owned a velodyne 12 inch sub that was on its way out so I replaced it with an SVS 12 inch cylinder sub thinking it would be amazing based on all of the reviews. After a few months the 12 inch just didn't cut it so I went back to the avsforum looking for a solution. I started reading the DIY forum and I was instantly hooked. I used to build boxes for my car when I was young so i figured I could build a home theater sub. I planned on one SI HT18 but decided two is better than one so I built my first two cabinets from baltic birch. They were 11cuft and tuned at 17hz. With my limited skills and lack of proper tools the fit and finish left a lot to be desired. They sounded good but would dance across the floor due to the lack of proper bracing. I did enjoy those for 7 years however.

Fast forward to May 2019 when I purchased my first home. My home decision was based partly on having a good area for home theater. I knew I didn't want to take on another scratch build but I did want something amazing. Back to the DIY forum and after little reading I find GSG.

Kevin was very helpful throughout the purchase and was always fast to answer questions. I placed the order and the pallet arrived at my house a week later. While unpacking I noticed all of the panels were clearly numbered which made the assembly easy and straight forward. I downloaded the instructions and dry fit all the panels on one to ensure proper fit. Then I went at it with the glue and in a couple of hours I had the first part all glued up.

I appreciated the thoughtfulness of the shopping list on the GSG site as well. I couldn't wait to power these beasts up so once all the connections were made and checked I powered up the amps and my Pioneer sc-lx701. The first thing I do when I hook up new subs is play my go to DJ Magic Mike feel the bass. This is my reference for deep bass. I pressed play and oh my god. This is the deepest, clearest bass I have ever heard and felt in my house. I could feel my nose and teeth tingle. These cabinets not only look amazing but they sound even better. Zero rattle and they aren't going to dance around anywhere.

I couldn't be happier with this build. I finally feel I have a professional home theater that far surpasses anything you could buy anywhere. There’s just nothing on the market that can compare to this DIY sub. I'm also glad to have met Kevin, John and Bill. It's rare that you can feel this good about a purchase from people who share the same passion as you and even rarer that something like this turns out exactly how you envisioned it.

Mini-Marty Subs (TBW-100 Drivers) by Brian D.

The new subs are doing great, and we had our first good extended session with them on Saturday night. I ran the two Mini's at 8 Ohms and broke out my Omnimic and ran some simple sweeps between 10-150hz, and have a surprisingly flat in-room response. I have them crossed over at 100Hz with my Chase PRO-10's. Music with these B&C drivers is taking some getting used to!

The best way I can explain it is with my older Chase Audio subs, you get the bass, but it's muddy, maybe a little boomy in some areas.

The B&C drivers have a unique way of articulating the actual sounds creating the bass to the point you can hear a surprising amount of detail -- something that I've never heard before in any of my sub's!

I have to assume this is the B&C driver, and not the cabinet, but the cabinets certainly do produce far more mid-bass punch than I expected. I'm really very impressed! I will also say that running all 4 cabs parallel at 4 ohms was pretty amazing, and it felt and sounded like a huge improvement over the entire low-end spectrum!

A huge thanks to the GSG team for the time, support and subwoofers that you are providing!

Quad Mini-Marty Subs by Justin C.

I've been in the home theater world for the past 10 years but of late, have just realized there was a DIY side of things. I've been a member of a few groups online and kept noticing the term "Mini" & "Full" Marty all over the place. After doing some research and looking at what I was currently running (2 Klipsch SW-115's), I made the leap to order 4 Mini-Marty's.

After hitting submit on the order, I soon realized how well Kevin and John are running things in CA. Not saying they do this for all orders, but I received a call from Kevin updating me on the status of my order and when it was expected to arrive. He was completely transparent and most companies today don't add the extra touch and they did. Next, I received the pallet with the pre-cut wood and this was the next tail tail sign that they take a lot of pride in what they do. The pallet was perfectly wrapped with tons of filler and even if the shipping company tried to destroy the pallet, they would have been unsuccessful.

Now it was time to build these beasts. After mocking up one speaker before applying the glue, it was downhill from here. I used the recommended glue and had no complications.

Once this was complete it was time to paint them. This is the part where you have free range on what/how you do this. I reached out to Kevin once again and got some pointers on what to do and with a little practice, it was a breeze. You still have to take your time on this part but the end result is AMAZING.

In the end I couldn't be happier with the product and the service GSG Audio provides. If your looking for the next step in home theater bass, you have found the right place. With a little elbow grease and some paint, you are on your way to taking your theater to the next level.


Full Marty w/ Copper Baffle by Jiles M.

Jiles did a fantastic job with his Full Marty Subs. 
Check out his Amazing Build Documentary on YouTube.

I had always wanted to build a decent ‘entertainment’ room but I’d never really had the space to make the attempt. Fortune smiled on me in early 2018 when we decided to pull the trigger on finishing our basement. We would be able to squeeze two rooms and a bathroom out of the small space and my wife graciously ceded to me a 14x14 room with no external windows, a closet, and a nook for an AV cabinet. IT WAS ON.

Budget was extremely tight, so I cobbled together the equipment I owned and started scouring Craigslist and Facebook marketplace for the missing pieces. I managed to sort out a Definitive Technology 7.0.4 system with a Denon 4400X at its core. The missing piece though was something to reproduce the bass my DT BP2000s couldn’t.

Commercial subwoofers seemed to fall into two categories: Affordable anemic units… or monstrous units that simply cost far too much. Obviously, I wanted to implement a compelling subwoofer environment so I started searching for alternatives. I looked as SVS, Hsu, PSB, etc but nothing that I wanted fit my budget. And then serendipity struck.

While looking over the DIY forums at AVS I noted a post about a start up in California by the name of GSG Audio Design. They had made my dream a reality: precision cut, DIY subwoofer enclosures at a reasonable price. I went through the process of finding a “subwoofer buddy” to share shipping coasts and soon I was learning the joys of wood glue, paint, and sandpaper.

I am far from being “handy” or good with tools but I was able to assemble a full marty with relative ease. And the results were what I had hoped: an affordable subwoofer that looks impressive… and more importantly sounds impressive. I give the GSG line two thumbs up and I look forward to the next steps in my home theater journey. I bet a couple of MBMs would really work well with two full martys… and time will tell!

Mini-Marty in Flat Black by Brian S.

Brian shares his experience in How to Build Your Own Monster Subwoofer on YouTube.

Huge shout out to Kevin and John at GSG Audio Design! I’ve been subwoofer shopping for the past year and weighing all my options. DIY has always been something I’ve wanted to try with hearing about their price/performance ratio but was always too nervous with not having wood working skills or tools so it always just fell off the radar.

Then GSGAD came along and changed the game! Believe me when I say, John and Kevin make this as absolutely easy as possible for beginners like me. From the incredibly detailed build instructions, perfectly engineered and cut boxes to assemble to the listing of parts needed for your build. Not to mention the second to none customer service, they are always available to help guide you along, every step of the way. 

Starting the build, a quick dry fit run of the box immediately gave me all the confidence in the world with how simple the build would be. Letting the glue and paint dry is honestly the longest part of the entire process and you could definitely have these built start to finish in a weekend if you had the drive to do so.

So far, I just have one of my two built and running and the performance is astonishing! I expected big things from the large ported 18 inch monster but my movies and games are on a whole new level now! I’ve ran plenty of sub arrangements in the past, dual 10’s, dual 12’s, a 15 and this easily walks circles around anything I’ve ever owned... and that’s just with one running!

If you’ve been on the fence, do yourself a favor and just go for it! For less than it costs to run a single 12-15 inch from some of the big name brands out there, you can have a pair of 18 inch tanks shaking the foundation of your house!

Marty Cubes in Gloss Black and Copper by Phillip R.

Very impressed with GSG flat pack kits. Shipping was quick and packaging was well done. Their quality in these precut panels is outstanding, and makes for a precision and tight fit. The use of numbered panels and easy to understand instructions makes it possible for anyone to build. As for the performance, WOW blew me away! They shovel way low into bass, and it’s truly a house shaking sub! 

Marty Cubes in Charcoal Gray by Mike P.

Mike's story is coming soon...

GSG Prototype - Flat Black w/Copper Baffle

This was one of the first MartySubs that we created. It is finished with a flat black shell, a copper painted baffle, and stainless steel hardware. The driver is a Dayton UM-18.

As folks build their MartySubs, we will be featuring many of them here, so stay tuned!