MartySub v2 Roundover Series

  • All the Performance of MartySubs, now with a truly Professional Appearance!
  • MartySub v2 "Roundover Series" are distinguished from classic MartySubs in that they feature: (i) a fully rounded over baffle (around the perimeter, around the driver, and around the port), (ii) completely new internals for a super precision fit including flush seamlines, and (iii) a supplementary driver mounting ring.
  • In order to ensure a flush fit, the Roundover Series requires quite a bit of additional machining time and somewhat more MDF. This makes them more expensive to manufacture than classic MartySubs and this is reflected in their pricing.
  • With our latest creation, we have endeavored to provide you with a subwoofer cabinet that can rival some of the best commercial subs for appearance; we look forward to seeing how creative you can get!
  • The full line-up (including 21's) is coming soon. Scroll down for models that are currently available.

MartySub Roundover Series Cube in Rosewood Veneer and Black