Devastator MkII 21-inch Ported Horn Home Theater Finished Subs (Powered and Passive models, 19Hz tuning) FREE SHIPPING!!!

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Finished Devastators are fully assembled and finished with Duratex!

The Dual Devastator Package is what most folks will want if looking for the best performance from two Devastators.  The package includes one Powered model with a 4,000 watt tour-grade plate amplifier and one Passive model; with your choice of driver (LaVoce 21" or Eminence 21").

With the Dual Devastator Package, setup is a simple two-step process: 

First, the plate amp on the Active model will be connected to your AVR's subwoofer output just like any other subwoofer. 

Second, an additional speaker wire will run from the plate amp on the Powered model to a Speakon connector on the Passive model.  That's all there is to it.

The plate amp includes the protective high pass filter and recommended EQ, making the Dual Devastator Package a simple plug-n-play solution.

For those looking for either a single Devastator or Passive models:

The Powered model INCLUDES a 4,000 watt tour-grade plate amplifier.  The plate amplifier is sufficiently powerful to power two Devastator units, so a Passive model can be added later.

Passive models DO NOT INCLUDE a plate amplifier.  Passive models are available with either a terminal cup or Speakon connection.  Passive models require a stand-alone amplifier, such as a Behringer NX6000D (one Devastator per channel) or an NX3000D (one Devastator per amp with amp in bridged mode).  Passive models with a stand-alone amplifier can represent the best bang-for-the-buck.

With Passive models, setup is a three-step process: 

First, connect your AVR to the stand-alone amplifier . 

Second, connect each Passive Devastator to the amplifier. 

Third, enter the recommended EQ (see table below for settings) into your DSP or into the amp if it has built-in DSP.  You're done!

If you are new to subs and/or aren't sure what you need, we are more than happy to assist.  Just send an email to and we can walk through what you need.



GSG Ported Horn Subwoofers


Devastator 21" in Baltic Birch


GSG fully-interlocking brace design (patent pending),
and recessed driver.  Passive model includes either terminal cup OR Speakon connection. 
5th-order bandpass (aka "ported horn")


19Hz ported section
90Hz horn section (maximum efficiency)


Black Duratex finish.




>133dB @ 80Hz; burstable output 3dB higher 

Rec. Driver:

21” pro-audio driver

Rec. Power:

Powered model: Includes a 4,000 watt premium plate amplifier.

Passive model: 2,000-5,000 watts+ depending on amp/driver combination
(This cab works very well with the LaVoce 21SAN4.50 driver on one channel of an NX6000/NX6000D amplifier or a bridged NX3000/NX3000D).


47.50" high, 24.75” wide, 30.00” deep
(120.7cm x 62.9cm x 76.2cm) assembled


Approx. 250 lbs. each subwoofer; total shipping weight including packing and pallet approximately 285 lbs.


1 Year limited warranty against manufacturing and material defects.  Customer is responsible for return shipping and restocking fee.

Protective High Pass

Powered model: Included in plate amplifier.

Recommend high pass filter on passive model:
12dB / octave Butterworth @17-20 Hz

Rec. EQ:

Powered model: Included in plate amplifier.

Recommend setting for passive model:
Parametric EQ: 
Freq=20Hz, Q=0.7, Gain=+12dB

Overall Level Adjustment:
Gain= -12dB

180 deg (NX and iNuke amps)