Custom Subwoofers

Our design experience extends across all subwoofer types (sealed, ported, horn-loaded, compound horn, etc.) as well as many types of finishing, so if you have something in mind other than a MartySub, we may be able to assist.   

In order for us to help serve you more efficiently, please include information about your project including: content type (music, movies, gaming), size of room, playback level (movie reference, rock concert, or insane), what other audio gear will be playing alongside your subs, and any size or other constraints that you may be working with.

Our design team can be reached at:

Our rate for custom subwoofer design, CNC programming, and shop time is $150/hr., though we may make allowances for particularly interesting projects.

CNC Operations

GSG subwoofers (including our value-oriented flat packs) are cut at our in-house CNC production facility on industrial-grade CNC machines.  Additionally, our production manager is a CNC expert with three decades of experience in machine shop operations. Together, the best equipment operated by the best people ensures that every cut on every panel is made with absolute precision, so you can rest assured that your subwoofer will not only perform well, but it will look fantastic too.