Stereo Integrity HS-24 24

Stereo Integrity HS-24 24" High Excursion Carbon Driver

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HS-24 offers an immense linear displacement potential, allowing you to easily delve into full bandwidth sound, even into the single digits. Three internal shorting rings provide class leading inductance reduction considering the HS-24’s massive linear excursion capabilities.

Key technical features include:

– A custom high-BL motor
– A 3 layer 10″ diameter nomex spider for linear suspension travel
– Bifilar copper voice coil windings for reduced inductance and tighter bass
– Three internal shorting rings to control and linearize inductance
– A 10″ diameter quad-stacked Y35 ferrite motor for high motor force and minimal enclosure requirements
– 36 mm one-way Xmax (72 mm total linear excursion) with over 120 mm peak-to-peak stroke
– A cast aluminum basket
– A carbon fiber and kevlar sandwich cone body
– Large 4 AWG spring-loaded speaker terminals.

The HS-24 requires a 22 3/8″ (22.375″) cutout, has a 24.35″ outer diameter, a mounting depth of 12.75″, and weighs 95 lbs.


This high excursion driver works best for those looking for maximum low-end performance.