Stereo Integrity HST-18 18

Stereo Integrity HST-18 18" High Excursion Carbon Driver

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HST series are designed for massive amounts of bass out of very small enclosures. To achieve the latter, HST drivers are equipped with very long stroke, high motor force, motors with 3 shorting rings and a bifilar copper voice coil that is capable of 38 mm of one-way linear -- 78 mm of total linear travel and 102 mm of total peak excursion.

Flat and linear suspension compliance is achieved by utilizing a wide soft foam surround and a three layer natural color 10″ diameter Nomex spider. Spiders have sewn-on flat voice coil leads which completely eliminates lead tap.

High-clearance cast aluminum frame is used to support the moving parts and the large 250 mm triple stacked motor structure. Large 4 AWG push terminals allow you all the wiring access needed for hookups.

Carbon Fiber sandwich cone and dust cap for extremely high cone stiffness eliminating any cone distortion.


This high excursion driver works best for those looking for maximum low-end performance.